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Amtico Factory Coventry

Amtico is proud to announce it is the first UK flooring manufacturer to achieve the new ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Working closely with Coventry City Council, Amtico has built upon its already stringent policies on sustainability, environmental accountability and process improvement to meet the new clauses introduced by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

The new 14001 standard requires organisations to have identified internal and external issues relevant to them, and all interested third parties, with processes and plans in place to meet requirements. Companies must have also considered the impact of procurement of goods and services, the design and production process and delivery of goods and services, including end of life treatment.

The commitment to championing the implementation and maintenance of environmental policy at Amtico stems from the leadership team throughout the organisation, and the business has a dedicated Environmental, Health & Safety Manager and team in place support this.
Transparency, credibility and continual improvement are particularly relevant to the increasing number of customers requiring full ethical audits, and are already part of the Amtico ethos.

Improvements made by Amtico to meet the new standard include investment in a new boiler to increase steam production and reduce gas consumption, lighting upgrades and employing a new waste contractor so that waste is not sent to landfill.

The new standard has been achieved far in advance of the September 2018 compliance date.  Jayne Woodhouse, Amtico HSE Manager, commented: “To have achieved the 14001:2015 accreditation is a testament to the commitment, dedication and hard work that has been put in by my team and colleagues around the business, and the fit-for-purpose practices and procedures Amtico adopts. It also further demonstrates our commitment to improving the environment for our colleagues, the local community and future generations.”

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