Bespoke equipment training heads to the UK

National Flooring Equipment Training

To help contractors in the UK, surface preparation equipment manufacturer, National Flooring Equipment, will host two one-day training sessions on April 11 and 12 in Warrington. The training sessions will take place at Multi-Hire Power Tools, a distributor of National Flooring Equipment’s machines.

The training marks the first of the company’s large-scale training events in the UK and gives attendees the chance to gain knowledge from National Flooring Equipment and have hands-on experience with a range of the company’s machines.

Day one will focus on a range of National Flooring Equipment’s shot blasters, that can strip, clean and profile concrete in a single step. On the second day, attendees will get to work with a range of walk-behind and ride-one strippers that remove original coatings and prepare concrete for new coverings. Both training days will involve understanding what to consider in order to choose the right equipment for each job.

“We want to support our customers across the world and this will be the first of many training sessions we host in the UK,” explained Nick White, UK and Ireland country manager at National Flooring Equipment. “Our employees all have years of expertise in the field and these training days allow us to pass on that understanding and knowledge to contractors. As their equipment understanding increases, it will also improve job efficiency.

For more information about the training days and how to register, e-mail Andy Harrison, director of Multi-Hire Power Tools at

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